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Practice Fees

1. Private Fees

  • The fee for an Initial Consultation is $360. A rebate of $110.20 is claimable from Medicare.
  • The fee for a Review Consultation $180. A rebate of $72.75 is claimable from Medicare.
  • 24 Hour notice is required for cancellation of appointments. If this is not received half of the consultation fee will apply.
  • The Australian Medical Association (AMA) fee schedule will apply for surgery.
  • This will result in a GAP or out of pocket expenses for the patient. An estimate of surgical fees will be provided as well as a financial consent prior to every surgery and this will have to be understood and agreed before surgery takes place.
  • A quote will be provided for all operations except emergencies.
  • Written financial consent will be sought and must be signed and returned to Dr Pope prior to surgery except in emergencies.
  • Dr Pope accepts various methods of payment including cash, cheque and credit card. Full payment is required at time of consultation.
  • Dr Pope does not bulk bill Medicare.

2. Workcover Patients

  • The fee for an Initial WorkCover Consultation is $421.80
  • The fee for a Review WorkCover Consultation is $210.90

3. Veteran Affairs Gold Card Holders will be bulk billed.

4. Schedule Fee

Dr Pope will treat Catholic Religious Nuns or Sisters with the No-Gap fee for operative procedures (no out of pocket expenses). This will therefore be at the Medicare Schedule fee.

5. Surgical Assistant

a. Surgical Assistant’s fee will be 20% of Dr Pope’s surgical fee.
b. Surgical Assistant’s fee will be stated on the quote and financial consent forms

6. Anaesthetist

Patients will be given the name and contact details of their anaesthetist. The Anaesthetist will contact the patient and discuss their aspects of the surgery including financial consent and GAPS. The Anaesthetists will want to ensure optimal safety and your welfare is their priority.

Before Proceeding to Surgery

A review appointment will be booked for you to consult with Dr Pope to ensure that all aspects of the surgery have been covered with you prior to proceeding.

If you have private health cover and are proceeding to surgery an estimated quote for the surgery cost will be forwarded to you prior to organizing the surgery date. A letter will accompany the quote for surgery; this letter explains the costs involved with the planned surgical procedure with Dr Pope.

Department of Veteran's Affairs Gold Card holders will be fully covered by Veteran's Affairs.
If you have a current claim with WorkCover, acceptance of liability needs to be obtained from the WorkCover insurance company.





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