WorkCover & DVA Patients

SafeWork (WorkCover)

Dr Pope welcomes SafeWork (previously known as WorkCover) patients. This includes patients from SafeWork, iCare and SIRA.

If you have Workcover approval and a valid GP referral forwarded to our rooms, we will invoice the insurer directly. If you do not have the approval, we can still make an appointment, however you will need to pay the consult fee and claim back from the insurer.

Dr Pope advocates for his patients to assist with getting referrals and a treatment plan approved. If you are a surgical candidate, we will forward any necessary requests to your case manager to facilitate the approval.

Rehab providers are welcome to attend appointments to assist with your treatment plan and proposed return to work.


Veteran Affairs Gold card holders will be “Bulk Billed” through the Department of Veteran Affairs with a valid GP referral.

White and Blue card holders will not be “Bulk Billed” and private fees will be incurred.

Dr Raoul Pope is a highly experienced Neurosurgeon and sub-specialised Spine Surgeon with 20+ years of experience. He consults and operates across Sydney.

Dr Pope completed a sub-specialised, dedicated, international training fellowship in complex neurosurgical and orthopaedic spine surgery at a recognised, high-volume Centre of Excellence in spine surgery, in Canada.

He offers telehealth consultations and welcomes both private and public patients.